Coco Chanel


What’s worse then thinking you’re fat? Knowing you’re fat and knowing everyone else does.


Fuck dieting.
Fuck starving yourself and sucking in your stomach
in clothes you can’t breathe in just so you can look “pretty”.
Fuck weight loss pills and photoshop.
Fuck body shapes and what looks “flattering” on you.
Fuck magazine articles that tell you a guy will only find
you attractive if you “have the right hip to waist ratio”.
Fuck weighing yourself everyday
and fuck flushing away your meals down the toilet.
Fuck society’s standards of beautiful.
You should be flushing those standards down the toilet.

What matters is you.
What do you consider beautiful?
No, no, no.
I’m asking
I’m not asking what the girl in the magazine looks like.
What do you think looks beautiful on you?

The answer is: anything that makes you feel good.
The only weight problem you have is the fact
that you hate your weight.
That number on the scale can go higher or lower,
but it’s still gonna be you in that body.

You can have a boyish figure
or be curvy as hell.
You can dress as a guy one day
and a girl the next.
You can wear flamboyant colours,
or you can dress in all black,
as long as it makes you feel good.
Nobody can tell you to lose weight or gain it.
Nobody can tell you where you should or shouldn’t
ink or pierce yourself.

So I say fuck other people’s opinions
and fuck being able to “pull” something off.
I say if you walk proudly with it,
you can pull it off
even if it’s a lopsided choppy uneven haircut
as long as you feel good about it.

And if they give you disapproving looks,
well fuck them
because you’re not looking anyway.


— As Long As You Feel Good (via angryasianfeminist)

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